Our 4-day work week, without cutting pay, 5 months in – AN UPDATE

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By: Rich Leigh

Radioactive PR agencyIt’s been more than five months since we announced that we were trialing a four-day work week, without cutting pay.

We announced the decision to make the move permanent more than two months ago, in this blog, which answers a lot of questions asked, especially since The Guardian featured us at the beginning of the week.

Since then, we’ve been interviewed by BBC Radio 5 Live, spent a day with the producers of a BBC One programme on Tuesday, due to air this evening, Thursday 8th November (possibly the reason you’re here, visitors from the future. HELLOOOO) and won The Top Employer Award 2018 for SMEs as a result of the move!

We’re ready to cringe… are you? DID YOU?

When we’re six months post-trial announcement, I’m going to update and report on how the move has impacted the business, including data from:

  • A financial perspective (how it’s impacted turnover, gross and net profit – it’s looking very positive, and we’ve experienced growth – looking forward to updating on this) and
  • A staff perspective (sick days since, retention, recruitment and morale)

I’ll be posting across social media and our blog, but if you want to be sure you don’t miss it, sign up using this form:

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Final thought

As the agency owner, I’m conscious that we’re an easy target in terms of others challenging us on promotion for ourselves over our clients. If that was even a small consideration of yours – yep, you, reading this, hoping to find a negative because well, that’s what people do, sadly – have a look at the measurement-conscious case studies on our homepage, PR blog and Twitter feed if you want to see the great work we do for clients, too. Here, have five of them I wrote up recently.

We’re not shy about sharing our success, they’re just not as newsworthy, obviously.

And if you’re considering an agency that’s not afraid to think differently and act on it, too – get in touch: rich@radioactivepr.com or call us on 01452 698765!

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