FIFA and PR – we’re building on the incredible (lack of) success of our Fortnite PR offering!

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By: Rich Leigh

Never knowingly ones to favour convention, we’ve decided to build on our ‘Fortnite and PR‘ online gaming/free PR consultation initiative, to include FIFA 19, too!

Yep, we’re offering brand marketers, founders and anybody else that holds the purse-strings to PR budgets (hey, I’m being honest, it’d be weird if I was just looking for friends to play games with) the chance to chat to us about PR for their company during the course of a FIFA match online*.

Here’s where we tell you what an amazing success the Fortnite and PR concept was, only…

and waiting. And… waiting.

It wasn’t.

Not one potential client asked to play (although it seemingly made people smile, which is almost as good).

We’re building on the incredible lack of success of the Fortnite idea because, well, it doesn’t hurt to. Most of our new business is reactive and/or referral-based, as other agency owners will attest to, so this is just for a laugh, really.

It’s not costing us anything, it’s fun and if even one person thought ‘you know what, I’m impressed by their work and results, and I do have PR-related questions, but what I really need to know is, can they kick a virtual ball into a virtual goal as well as they do PR?’, well, it’s worth it.

Sign up below, throwaway-idea fans. Or don’t, it’s FINE.

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(And do keep your eyes out for a Red Dead 2 online shout-out in the coming weeks if I remember to. It’ll be like Westworld but with less nudity, speaking for ourselves anyway, and more PR campaign chat).