Fortnite and PR: Want a free PR consultation? Play online with us throughout October

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By: Rich Leigh

fortnite and pr
My daughter would be sad about the office PS4’s no-skin account but I refuse to pay twice

Season 6 of Fortnite was released last week – so, we thought – why not hang an idea to game and consult with potential clients off of that!?

That’s how ‘Fortnite and PR’ – it does what it says on the tin – was born.

Throughout October, we’re offering potential clients a chance to discuss PR strategies and tactics over a headset (well, a pair of headphones with a mic for us, at least) with senior members of our team – within the virtual ‘battle royale’ world of popular video game, Fortnite.

With nearly 80 million players in the month of August alone, and more than 125 million downloads since its release in 2017, Fortnite is a cross-console and platform success story, pitting 100 players against each other in a last player (or team) standing situation.

We’re inviting business owners and brand marketers to book time to play one of the duo, squad or playground modes with us, across any platform.

fortnite and pr
You’ve heard of Netflix and Chill? Well, here’s the more HR-friendly version: Fortnite and PR

Those interested in organising a time to play and discuss their PR needs over a headset can book a time using the form below.

Here’s the thinking…

We were talking to a new client about the pitch process a few weeks ago and realised that it’s very often the exact same thing. Briefs are useful, when they’re done, but there’s nothing like getting to know a client and how you might work together before you go away to spend all that time on ideas and planning. Added to that, the whole process is often overly formal, which is hardly conducive to getting to the heart of what a client needs and why. Not every client has worked with an agency before, either, and they might have questions they feel daft asking.

After that chat, it was a short hop, skip and a skydive from the Battle Bus – thanking the driver, of course – to this ‘Fortnite and PR’ idea. We get to play a fun and inclusive game, enjoyed by people of all ages. SURE, it skews younger, but, I’m a big video game fan and I know plenty of adults that play, particularly parents. We get to chat in a relaxed and easily-accessible virtual environment, where we can get to learn more about each other and questions can be asked. There’s nothing like hiding from scarily efficient teenagers to see what it’s like to work with each other. If this goes well, there’s no reason we couldn’t do it with other games!

Sound like your cup of Slurp Juice? Fill this form in, send it and we’ll be in touch for usernames and to discuss times!

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