Free desk space for Glos-based creative types

Category: Agency News

By: Rich Leigh

Do you want actual human conversation, and a place to go for your work?

Well, we’ve got a handful of desks free in our office, at the end of Spa Road, right next to Gloucester Quays.

We want to offer said desk space to Gloucestershire-based creatives, for free.

There’s no catch. Honestly – it’s free.

Meaning: at no financial cost to you.

If you are an individual that works in a creative industry, and are based in Gloucester, Cheltenham or the surrounding area – and I know this county is teeming with incredible and talented people – get in touch using the form below.

We’ve won awards for how bloody lovely we are, you know (well, Best Place to Work ones, and the judges didn’t say as much, but I’m reading between the lines), so, look – don’t worry about us being an office full of axe murderers or anything.


Why only people working in a creative industry?

We’re keen to maximise the opportunity to meet and share opportunities with people in tangential industries to ours (public relations).

What counts as a ‘creative’ industry?

You probably create things for clients, but if you’re unsure – my email address is at the end of this. Ask away.

Why have we got desk space free?

We’ve been bigger as an agency, we’ve been smaller. There has always, even at our biggest headcount, been unused desk space.

I was speaking to somebody that works from home the other day. They said they wished they could work in a shared work space, but couldn’t stump up the cost – which can be hundreds per month, per person.

And I know they’re not alone.

Life is expensive. Remote work isn’t all its cracked up to be for many, and with loneliness soaring around the world, it’s clear many miss connection.

It hit me – we have space for nice, tidy, showered individuals.

How long for?

Until a time comes where we might need them, I guess. That’s an if/when.

Meeting room space? Other amenities?

We have a big meeting room space often available (when we’re not using), too.

Use the internet/whiteboard/piano/coffee machine/kitchen/toilets/printer to your HEART’S CONTENT. Granted, some of those are more essential than others.

Is it 24/7?

Sorry, no. In when we’re in, which is Monday-Thursday 9 – 5.30pm.


Collaborative and shared workspaces are hardly a new thing, but we’d share a mutual NDA with each person. We won’t sell your secrets to the Russians if you don’t sell ours.

Still keen?

Fill the form in below. If you fit the bill, we’ll invite you in for an initial conversation.

Any questions, email

(Who knows? Maybe this works nicely, and with tonnes of desk space just sat there around the country, perhaps there’s even some sort of broader, national campaign to spin off this. We can’t sublet for cash, but there’s nothing to say we can’t help and meet new people, too. Will have a think and report back).