Gravity – British entrepreneur invents, builds and files patent for Iron Man-like flight suit

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By: Rich Leigh

We’ve recently had a really nice spate of new client wins, including the UK’s biggest childcare website, In a blog about that very win, I mentioned another client.

We also have an ABSOLUTE monster of a win to announce in the next week or so that we’ve already started on, too.

I don’t think we’re doing any current or past clients a disservice to say that it could, possibly, be *the* coolest thing we’ve ever worked on. You’ll see.

Well… you will see – right now.

That new client is Gravity. We’re handling the launch PR across Europe, Australasia and Africa, as well as handling their social media.

Gravity is a British ‘human propulsion’ technology start-up, founded by entrepreneur, inventor and former Royal Marines Reserve Richard Browning. Gravity’s mission is to re-imagine the future of manned flight.

Gravity’s first project is the ‘Daedalus’ suit – an Iron Man-like suit that uses arm-mounted jet engines to, quite literally, fly. He’s invented an entirely new aviation category with this.

Red Bull loved it so much they’ve put this video together, below. They’ve written all about it here.

Wired loved it, too – and they’ve already covered it here.

Here’s their video:

When I started the agency, the best answer I had to ‘what kind of agency do you want to build?’ was – ‘one with a great team of people doing great work, working on great clients’. I can honestly say I’ve never been happier with where the agency is at than right now.

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