A handy calendar of PR, marketing and social media Twitter chats

I know what it’s like – you’re busy, and the last thing you feel like you have time for is a bit of a gabble about work with strangers, but if you can make the time, Twitter chats can be a great opportunity to meet and get to better know people in and around the industry that you work in.

I’ve met people that ended up becoming clients while either chatting live, or browsing them after the fact. Add to that – and I’m not going to pretend they’re all great all of the time, because the quality does vary – you can learn quite a lot from some very smart people by paying attention and getting involved.

As people that used to get much more involved a couple of years ago, account director Angharad and I were talking about them recently, and we both said we’d lost sight of what and when was actually out there.

So, Angharad went and created this, an incredibly helpful calendar of Twitter chats!

Here then, in day (and time) order, are chats specific to PR, marketing and social media – enjoy!

(Do let us know if any info is incorrect/we’re missing any!)

Twitter chat Day / Time Content
#CommsChat Mondays @ 8pm GMT #CommsChat is the home of Europe’s most popular communications conversation. https://t.co/fT94XNKRLz
#EcomChat Mondays @ 11am GMT Hosted by James Gurd and Dan Barker, this weekly chat focuses on digital marketing strategies and tips for eCommerce businesses.
#pocchat Mondays @ 4pm GMT Hosted by Bobby Umar, the Power of Connection chat discusses connection in business, leadership and building relationships.
#ContentChat One Monday a month @ 8pm GMT Founded by Smarter Shift – this Twitter chat features guest experts and talks all things content marketing.
#ContentWritingChat Tuesdays @ 4pm GMT Hosted by ExpressWriters, this Twitter chat covers everything related to content marketing, such as writing tips, how to measure success, and more.


#PPCChat Tuesdays @ 5pm GMT Founded by Matthew Umbro, this weekly Twitter chat covers SEO, PPC Google Ad campaigns, keyword and lead generation.
#CMWorld Tuesdays @ 5pm GMT Hosted by The Content Marketing Institute, this Twitter chat is a place for content marketers to connect and talk best practices and industry insights.
#AssnChat Tuesdays @ 7pm GMT Founded by Kiki L’Italien, this chat covers SEO, social media, and content strategy for associations and for-profit clients.
#BizHeroes Tuesdays @ 7pm GMT Founded by Paper.li, this Twitter chat is based around helping businesses build online and offline communities for their customers.
#RaganChat Tuesdays @ 8pm GMT Organised by Ragan’s PR Daily – one of the big Twitter chats for the industry
#SocialROI Tuesdays @ 11pm GMT Organised by Manage Flitter in Sydney https://twitter.com/ManageFlitter
#SEMrushchat Wednesdays @ 4pm GMT Hosted by SEMrush, this Twitter chat is a place to connect with influencers, find out more about SEO, building highly converting landing pages, website development and lead generation.
#BrandChat Wednesdays @ 4pm GMT Hosted by Maria Duron, this chat focuses on digital marketing, brand and new trends and strategies.
#BufferChat Wednesdays @ 5pm GMT Hosted by Buffer, this Twitter chat is for business owners and online marketers to talk about a range of digital marketing and social media.
#SMChat Wednesdays @ 6pm GMT Hosted by guest experts, this Twitter chat focuses on social media, customer services, content marketing and growing your audience.
#PowerandInfluence Wednesdays @ 8pm GMT Organised by Ella Minty – http://ellaminty.com/powerandinfluence/welcome-to-powerandinfluence/
#SproutChat Wednesdays @ 8pm GMT This chat is hosted by Sprout Social and talks about how to use social media to grow your business.
#PSAMAchat Wednesdays @ 9pm GMT Hosted by Puget Sound American Marketing Association and Point It Digital Marketing, this weekly chat discusses marketing and SEO.
#MediaChat Wednesdays @ 3pm GMT Founded by Aaron Kilby, this chat focuses on online media and digital marketing best practices.
#EmailChat Thursdays @ 5pm GMT Founded by AWeber, this Twitter chat centers around email marketing best practices and insights, featuring a new guest host each for chat.
#MarketoChat Thursdays @ 6pm GMT Hosted by Marketo, you can expect topics related to marketing automation, online marketing tools and business insights.
#HootChat Thursdays @ 8pm GMT This weekly chat is hosted by Hootsuite and covers social media best practices and insights.
#10xMarketingChat Thursdays @ 9pm GMT Well-followed account @ContentHackers manages this chat, all about increasing the benefits of marketing.
#PMChat Fridays @ 5pm GMT Hosted by Robert Kelly, this Twitter chat covers project management, business insights and leadership
#CMGRHangout Fridays @ 7pm GMT This weekly Twitter chat from My Community Manager talks all things business, content marketing and building your community.
#SoulfulPRhour Sundays @ 8pm GMT Hosted by Janet Murray, this weekly chat talks all things PR, getting publicity for your brand and reaching out to influencers.
#PRStudChat Monthly @ 1.30am GMT PR students – organised in the US which is why the time is appalling for us Brits! Might be messages we can use the day after chats to spark blog ideas/our own social content