Introducing our new account exec, Alannah Burton!

Category: Agency News

By: Alannah Burton


Place of birth: Worcester

How did you end up in PR? I’ve been writing stories since I was a child, literature has been the one interest and passion that has stayed consistent in my life. I was always fascinated by the world of PR, saw an opportunity, and threw myself into it!

Are there any aspects of PR you’re particularly keen on?

Building relationships, I find it impossible to not find a common interest with someone or be stuck for something to say. I’m also a sucker for helping others and obtain second hand happiness from other people.

Favourite film? Impossible question…

ANYTHING directed by Tarantino, I love blood thirsty gruesome horror films, but I am also a big fan of 80’s flicks.

Favourite site to waste time on? MUBI (the best streaming site for films) and ASOS (I make ridiculously long lists of clothes I can’t afford, and think about how much cooler I’d dress if I was rich)

Why PR? My mum always said I would be great, and my mum is never wrong.

Tell us three interesting facts about you:

  1. Skydived in Queenstown and went on the world’s highest bungee swing (absolute adrenaline junkie apparently)
  2. I was vegan for five years because I feared getting food poisoning
  3. I am obsessed with watching crime and murder mystery documentaries, which has left me with an irrational fear that one day I might be falsely imprisoned for a crime I didn’t commit.

Describe yourself in a sentence:

I’m a mixture of Nick Miller (from New Girl), and Chandler (from Friends), I use humour to get me through life, and am happy to be laughed at or laughed with!

Where can we find you online? Twitter @alannahburton, which is essentially me ranting and raving about all the misfortune in my life.