Introducing Newbie – Haseeb Ahmad

Category: Agency News

By: Haseeb Ahmad

Introducing our new Junior Affiliate Manager, Haseeb!

Place of birth: Lahore, Pakistan

How did you end up working at Radioactive? 

The Kickstart scheme gave me the opportunity to step into the marketing sector with Radioactive after completing my degree in branding, advertising and marketing.

Are there any aspects of marketing you’re particularly keen on? 

Social media marketing and digital marketing overall is something I have a keen interest in. I am looking forward to working with clients and influencers to help them achieve their personal goals. I am also interested in working on campaigns with different clients to help them fulfil their needs and as a result help build relationships between different brands and our agency.

Favourite film?

Coach Carter is the film I can quote word by word! Interstellar is just pure genius, Christopher Nolan at his best. The Notebook is a classic. I’m quite diverse with my genre selection so I can’t pick one.

Favourite site to waste time on?

There’s too many:

  • Twitter because I love to share my opinion on sports, films etc or just current events in general
  • I am definitely someone who is a part of the TikTok craze and spend hours on that daily
  • YouTube as I’m constantly watching sports highlights, comedy sketches, talk shows or conspiracy theories

Why marketing?

I’m a stats person due to my interest in sports. Working in a sector where we can use analytics mixed with creative content to achieve an end result is something that excited me a lot! Seeing individuals like Michael Jordan and Jay-Z turn their passion into billion dollar businesses with a major focus on marketing really influenced me to go down a business route and learn how that success was achievable.

Tell us three interesting facts about you: 

1. I am multilingual so I can speak various languages – English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and Gujarati
2. I can play the violin
3. I played a tree in my school production of Narnia when I was 10 years old

Dream client: Anyone in the sports, film or music industry. Nike, Warner Brothers or OVO.

Describe yourself in a sentence: 

I am a sports and music enthusiast who can hold a conversation about anything and is always looking to expand their knowledge.

Where can we find you online? 

Try not to… but find me on LinkedIn: Haseeb Ahmad.