Introducing newbie – Kirsty Oliver

Category: Agency News

By: Kirsty Hall

Introducing Kirsty Oliver – starting at Radioactive PR as a senior account executive! Kirsty has worked in a range of marketing roles both in-house and agency-side, across social media and PR, for businesses including HotelShopUK, Specsavers, BPE and Climb Online.

Place of birth: Stourbridge

Did you go to uni? If not, what was your route into PR? I was considering university but towards the end of my A levels, I decided it wasn’t for me. Instead I chose to do an apprenticeship in Social Media & Marketing which led me into working for a PR agency in Cheltenham.

Favourite film? I’m a big fan of superhero films… The Avengers movies are at the top of my list!

Favourite site to waste time on? Instagram or Pinterest  – I’m a baker and can spend hours looking for new recipes.

Why PR? I’ve always loved writing and coming up with stories, so when I got the opportunity to work in PR, it felt like the perfect fit. I love working with wonderful and creative people as well as the variety of clients in different industries. No two days are the same!

Dream client? If I could work on the PR account of anyone, brand or individual… I think I’d work with the Rock! He’s an incredible actor and athlete and throws himself into everything he does.

Tell us three interesting facts about you:

  1. I LOVE to bake! I can’t go more than a few days without baking a batch of cupcakes.
  2. I have a light blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu.
  3. Despite a fear of heights, I’ve done a bungee jump and a sky dive.

Describe yourself in a few sentences: I’m a people person; I’m always up for meeting new people and developing new relationships, which tends to come in handy in PR. I’m also a serious foodie. I love trying new restaurants, experimenting with recipes and testing them out on my colleagues!

Where can we find you online? Find me on Instagram @kirstyalexhall and Twitter @kirstyalexhall, too!