Introducing Newbie – Liz Hinds

Category: Agency News

By: Liz Hinds

Introducing Liz Hinds – beginning her internship at Radioactive PR today! Liz is also currently doing a Masters in PR, Communications and Media at Gloucestershire Uni.

Place of birth: Northampton

Did you go to uni? If not, what was your route into PR? 

My undergraduate was a BSc in Policing, as I’ve always had the drive to help people. I realised that actually maybe I was more suited to teaching so I took a post-graduate course in Adult Education. Turns out I was wrong then too…! I had always written stories and blogs and thought myself as a bit of a storyteller. My fiancé started his undergraduate this year and I was eager to get back into my studies; I found the perfect course – A Master’s in PR, Communications and Media – I was looking for work experience alongside my studies and tried my luck with Rich and Radioactive PR.

Favourite film? 

Confession, I’m not massive on films! ‘Whip It’ is one I’ve actually seen though, and I loved it. Coming of age meets roller derby, can you get more teen-angst than that?

Favourite site to waste time on? 

Instagram or Twitter, I’ve got a bad habit of scrolling a little bit aimlessly so the more updates the better.

Why PR?

I love people and I love to tell stories. I really wanted to get my teeth stuck into a challenge and so it just felt right.

Dream client? 

I love food but much prefer eating it than cooking it. I’m being pressed into an answer so… Wagamama!

Tell us three interesting facts about you:

  1. As a toddler, I once ate a snail straight from the garden, shell and all
  2. For some reason, Pixie Lott follows me on Twitter
  3. I’m such an avid communicator, I have been known to talk and even text message in my sleep. Yeah, great way for your new boss to find this out about you.

Describe yourself in a few sentences: I’m very awkward but apparently, it’s endearing. Despite that, I’m friendly! I love hearing people’s stories, so I do love a chat once I’m comfortable with you. If I’m not sat at my desk, you might find me lifting weights in the gym or more likely getting my food fix at a restaurant!

Where can we find you online? Find me on Instagram @gettinglizziewithit and Twitter @getlizziewithit, too!