Introducing Newbie – Olivia Furniss

Category: Agency News

By: Olivia Furniss

Introducing our new digital PR account exec, Olivia!

Place of birth: Birmingham (0121 for life!)

How did you end up in PR? I studied European Studies with German at uni and had the opportunity to visit the wonderful world of Munich as part of my year abroad. After really enjoying my media and communications modules I found myself choosing a nine month PR internship at a German company rather than studying and never looked back. After graduating I was lucky enough to get the first graduate job I applied for and so here I am!

Are there any aspects of PR you’re particularly keen to get stuck into? I really can’t wait to start working more closely with clients; coming up with ideas and working together to fine tune them. I like doing my best to help people and I think that directly seeing the progress of your work through someone else’s positive reaction is so rewarding.

Favourite film? It has always been Grease and in my heart it always will be, but after studying a film module in my final year of uni I just can’t see the film in the same way anymore. Damn you further knowledge!

Favourite site to waste time on? I’m a massive skincare/makeup geek and will happily scroll through my favourite blog, Lolita Says So, for hours on end. Failing that I will happily spend a minute or sixty watching makeup videos on Instagram, it’s honestly like therapy!

Why PR? I hate being bored, it drives me round the bend and I think PR is something that is constantly moving and developing in a really good way, which I find really enticing and engaging. I also love the freedom that comes with writing for PR, it seems that (within reason) you can pretty much take a story in any direction and what’s not to love about that?!

Tell us three interesting facts about you:

  1. I’m an avid embroiderer (Ed: Olivia was VERY excited about the fact is a client)
  2. I love random facts, for example did you know that the wafer ball of a Ferrero Rocher is called a pic-poc!
  3. I am a massive Agatha Christie fan, give me a Poirot tale to read and I’ll be happy as Larry!

Dream client: Glossier! If the opportunity arose to work with them I think I’d go weak at the knees. Their products are amazing and cruelty free, their campaigns are always stunning and really well done and I like the thought of free products as payment.

Describe yourself in a few sentences: I’d really rather not but if I absolutely have to, I’d say I’m actually a bit of an introvert at heart (no doubt to my mother’s dismay), I just really enjoy being alone (sad, I know). When I’m not spending my time in my own company I’ll be embroidering or shopping for things that I probably don’t need.

Where can we find you online? All of my social media accounts are under the same username, @liv_furniss but if you’re interested in my embroidery escapades then I do have an instagram dedicated specifically to that, @patchmeout_.