Introducing our new account director – Chelsey Downing

Place of birth: Cheltenham, England

How did you end up in PR? I started writing about football in 2017 after my hometown team got promoted to League 2 for the first time in their history. I’ve been lucky enough to write about women’s football for the past five years and I ultimately ended up in PR!

Are there any aspects of PR you’re particularly keen on? Without a doubt, PR stunts are my favorite thing to be a part of. We’ve spent the last two and a half years stuck inside and producing digital content, so I’m looking forward to getting back into the world of physical PR.

Favourite film? Weirdly, all of my favorite films begin with an M! It’s too hard to choose between Mrs Doubtfire, Matilda and the greatest disney film ever made – Mulan.

Why PR? I love anything weird or whacky! Life can be so dull with bills and mortgages and working in PR means you’ll never have a dull day in the office. I’m also surrounded by creative people every day, which is a real pleasure. 

Tell us three interesting facts about you: 

  1. I can make a great Strawberry Daiquiri 
  2. I was once featured on after a cover I did with a friend went viral
  3. I collect football shirts. If it looks like it might also be a bus seat, I’ve probably got it

Describe yourself in a sentence:  Part time football fanatic; full time food enthusiast

Where can we find you online? @TGITGP on Twitter / Chelsey Downing on LinkedIn