Introducing our new junior PR account executive, Lauren Meredith

Place of birth/ grew up: I grew up on a farm in rural Monmouthshire, South Wales, as the second eldest in a blended family of seven children. 

How did you end up in PR? I started my career in a journalism apprenticeship with my local newspaper and although I loved writing the stories, I was missing the creativity. I started looking online and this role was the first I came across and seemed perfect.

Are there any aspects of PR you are particularly keen on? PR has the creativity I was looking for, as well as the variety and writing elements I grew to love in my first role. It feels like the perfect fit for me.

Favourite film? I hate watching films, I think the cinema is the worst place to go, and anything over an hour long is just unwatchable and boring to me. However, chuck a series or programme my way and I will binge watch it for eight hours. My favourite series being ‘Normal People’, ‘Outer Banks’ and ‘The Walking Dead’.

Favourite site to waste time on? I spend a ridiculous amount of time on TikTok and am prone to getting sucked into aimless scrolling. 

Why PR?  I have enjoyed writing since I was young and attended writing clubs in primary school. This love grew throughout secondary school and led to taking English Language at A level. I feel it was always going to be the type of industry I ended up in. 

Tell us three interesting facts about you: 

  1. I have a constant academic itch which needs to be scratched. I won the Apprentice of Year award in 2023 and have since taken on an Open University degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics to do in my spare time.   
  2. My friends would describe me as an absolute dopamine addict, which as concerning as that sounds, is surprisingly positive. I spend any free time weight lifting, playing field hockey and running. I haven’t gone longer than a week without doing at least one of these sports in three years. 
  3. I would describe myself as “halfway to being bilingual” with English and the Welsh Language.

Describe yourself in one sentence: I’m most productive when I’m going at 100mph with everything and happiest when busy.

Where can we find you? 

LinkedIn: Lauren Meredith

X: Laurenxmeredith