Introducing Tom Gibbon: Our new head of content!

Place of birth:

Northampton, but Gloucester is my spiritual -and literal – home

How did you end up in PR?

Via journalism. I was in local news since 2007 as first a patch reporter, then news editor, digital editor and editor.

Are there any aspects of PR you’re particularly keen on?

I’m very much learning my way early on and there’s so much still to discover, so I’ll fudge this and say I’m open-minded about all of it.

Favourite film?

The Big Lebowski.

Favourite site to waste time on?

Twitter – I’ve lost months of my life to infinite scrolling.

Why PR?

I love good stories and I love good content – PR is at the heart of telling them in innovative, creative ways.

Tell us three interesting facts about you:

  • I play(ed) drums – there’s a cringeworthy video out there of a Christmas single we recorded many years ago. No you may not have the link
  • I make exceptionally good scrambled eggs
  • I’m a very proud, often tired, dad-of-two (three if dogs count, which they do)

Describe yourself in a sentence:

That’s harder than it sounds – still learning, open-minded, fair, beardy.

Where can we find you online?