Are you the next managing director of Radioactive PR?

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By: Rich Leigh

This isn’t the usual way of doing this I know, but… I do quite enjoy the process of growing out loud.

We’re after a managing director to join us at Radioactive PR. A managing partner, actually.

First things first – Read this job description first – and then come back here.

This is an enormous opportunity for the right person to come into an established agency and make their mark on the company, the group and in the industry.

We want someone that can take the reins and handle the nuts and bolts of PR agency life, with very close support from me and the team of course, while I continue to build out the Group in a CEO role – making more time for Radioactive Talent, our quickly-growing influencer affiliate marketing arm, and building new company offerings out to ensure we’re answering marketing problems with the right solutions, all under one (remote for now!) roof.

The video:

Find out more about the role and meet the team in this video! (There are subtitles, turn them on using the CC button).

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The right person:

This is a business management role – with direct oversight of a lovely team of incredibly talented PR people.

I don’t need 20 years of experience, though the right person will of course know PR and the agency business model very well, and have ideas to ensure we’re doing great work across the full scope of PR activity.

It’s all about three things for me:

Our managing director will need to:

  1. Keep the agency profitable and growing

  2. Keep the team happy

  3. Keep clients happy

I need somebody that is hungry to build on our success, and excited to make it happen. Somebody that can oversee the flow of enquiries into new business into happy clients and take responsibility for all that happening.

Somebody that wouldn’t so much as let a Tamagotchi die on their watch, and would rather lose a limb than a pitch (OK, maybe that one is a bit far).

The right person is possibly in a senior position in a multi-disciplinary agency now, sat wondering ‘what next?’. Or, they’ve started a consultancy and are wondering how to get to that next level of growth – confident in their own ability but needing the right team around them.

We are based in Gloucester, in the LOVELY county of Gloucestershire, and I’d want somebody in such a key leadership position to be able to be in the office as and when the team are, when things go back to whatever normal will be and however that best works (commute, relocation etc). Details we can discuss.

The offer:

We’re offering a very healthy salary, realised ownership in the agency, with profit bonuses worked in.

We’ve won some lovely awards – we’re especially proud of our best place to work accolades – and worked with some incredible clients both in the UK and internationally.

Client studies are all over the site and our blog, we’ve had an amazing start to 2021 with seven new clients coming in in January, and you can read what we’re all about on our careers page here.

Interested? Please get in touch:

Email me – Let’s make time to talk soon (confidentially, of course).