Myths of PR – a cartoon giveaway and some great PR student reviews

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By: Rich Leigh

In just 5 days, my very own actual book, Myths of PR (available to pre-order here on Amazon), is released!

A huge thank you to everybody that’s already pre-ordered it – at its peak, it shot up to the 2nd best selling PR book as a result, which made my mum VERY proud. It’s been consistently in the ‘hot PR books’, too.

There are a couple of things I wanted to mention:

1. A Comms Cartoon giveaway

It was important to me that in our marketing we have a visual element to the book, so I got in touch with the very funny Helen Reynolds, who you might know as the person behind @CommsCartoons.

Helen’s drawn 5 cartoons that bring 5 of the chapters to life – and we’re running a quirky giveaway.

If you’d like to win an original copy of your favourite, all you have to do is:

  1. Share the Amazon link to the book on Twitter –
  2. Using the hashtag #MythsofPR
  3. Write which drawing you’d like, if you have a preference (1, 4, 7, 10 or 15). At 5pm on Friday, we’ll announce the five winners, picked at random.

(It’s been brought to my attention that the first cartoon, sans context, makes it look like I’m a dick that thinks that ‘lies built on crap’ is a good explainer for the PR industry. 1) Explaining a joke – your mileage may vary, but knowing the context it made me smile – only ever makes it less funny and 2) if ONLY I’d written a whole chapter debunking this notion – OH WAIT I DID.)

(Click on each to zoom in and see it properly – and if you’re after cartoons, you should definitely give Helen a shout!)

2. Student reviews

Behind the Spin is an awesome resource for student PRs and those hoping to get into the industry.

Every week, founder Richard Bailey chooses his ‘Picks of the Week‘, based on blogs from student PRs, and it’s always worth a read. He has a running tally of student bloggers and how many times they’ve featured.

I got in touch with a few of the top student bloggers based on inclusion in that tally – some I already knew, some I didn’t – and asked if they’d like to review a pre-release version of Myths of PR.

The book isn’t just for students by any stretch, but it feels like they’re often forgotten when it comes to projects and books like this, and I’m as keen to hear what they think as I am both business owners and those already in and around the PR/marketing industry.

Here are a handful of reviews so far, all well worth reading if you’re on the fence at all about parting with cold hard cash:

Lucy Hayball: Myths of PR: the new must-read for PR students

Marcel Klebba: Why should every PR student read Rich Leigh’s ‘Myths of PR’?

Robert Leyland: Don’t get lost in the Mythos: Rich Leigh’s ‘Myths of PR’

Also, here’s a really nice review from Lansons’ Michael White, up on CIPR’s Influence blog (originally on Michael’s blog here)