Now we are three – a PR agency birthday update

Category: Agency News

By: Rich Leigh

Just over a year ago, there were three of us at Radioactive PR – then called Rich Leigh and Company.

Lydia, Emily – and me.

Where we are now

Radioactive PR agencyAs we turn three years old (I opened the doors to the PR agency on the 25th November, 2014) – I’ve just recruited for the eighth member of the team; starting in the new year.

Things have evolved, and, I daresay, this is an ACTUAL place of work.

The weird combination of excitement and utter dread I felt when hiring initially is definitely less of the latter and more of the former, now – as the business has moved into a position of, well, not comfort – because I’m never one to rest back, but… security.

I started the agency with my laptop and phone, knocking on doors with my friend Jamie, to find out how much a small office might cost, back in late 2014. So to be here, with a roster of happy and fascinating clients, some amazing work under our belt, an exciting new business pipeline, a profit margin I’m very proud of (having started with zero pennies) and, most importantly, a growing, fun, curious and awesome team, is very special.

The future of the agency

I’m ambitious. Irritatingly so, in fact. It’s my best and worst trait.

In the next three years, I hope to:

  1. Have moved a still-growing and happy team into a campus-style ‘academy‘, alongside charity Superhero Foundation (ran by aforementioned friend, Jamie).
    1. Still in Gloucester(shire). I’m biased, of course, but I don’t think the next big independent communications agency will be London-based – and, hey, why not here, and why not us? Only the most conceited big city PR type could ignore the decentralisation happening around them.
  2. Have built proprietary software to make our jobs easier – I’m always looking for opportunities, and an automated version of this new agency service, Social Media Safeguard, could be a good start.
  3. Have created another division underneath the Radioactive banner – a speaking agency; a production arm; a more corporate department headed up by somebody much better at super-serious PR than me, perhaps. (Christ, even that the first phrase I reach for is ‘super-serious’ shows it shouldn’t be me running it).
  4. Climbing steadily up the top 150 PR agencies list (I have my sights very realistically set, turnover-wise, to be in it for the May 2019 edition).

So, that’s it. A (sort-of) grown up 3rd year update.

I’ve changed.

Thank you very much to everybody that has helped, and continues to support the agency, from clients, friends, family, the wider PR agency, brand and business community and, of course, the team.