Our Digital Treasure Hunt winners – and the answers to the clues!

Category: Agency News

By: Rich Leigh

This last week, 660+ people took part in our first ever Christmas Digital Treasure Hunt!

We sent them all over the internet, with a dozen clues over three different stages.

And we didn’t make it easy!

The prizes:

  • £1,000 cash (and a bag of Haribo) and
  • A £20,000 PR campaign with us, in 2024

Well, we’re here to announce the winners AND show you how it was done.

Only 12 people managed to finish the whole thing, which means either it was too hard, or just right!?

Firstly – the winner of our cash and sweet prize:

The winner of our PR campaign prize:

And now – here’s how it was done.

Even if you didn’t get to the end, we hope you had a lot of fun – and if you did get to the end, congratulations!

Well done to both winners.

Enjoy the solve video :).