Free communications support for businesses affected by coronavirus – come Google Hangout with us!

Category: Agency News

By: Rich Leigh

We recently published this roundup blog to help both PRs and journalists at what is obviously a very weird time indeed, highlighting as many journalists looking for non coronavirus-related content as we can. They’re out there, honestly!

(This page has a good few resources by and for PR and business people – hopefully of help to many)

Amazingly, more than 3,500 people have read the roundup, and as we’ll be constantly updating it for… however long this all lasts, we’re hoping it can continue to be useful and make life easier for all of us. It started as an idea to compile the few requests we’d seen to help our team, but it’s always nice to share knowledge where possible, and can only be better with collaboration.

While we’re still all busy working for our lovely clients, we’ve been thinking of other ways to use our PARTICULAR set of skills.

Image result for particular set of skills gif

Seeing as we’re all spending a lot of the day on Google Hangouts and the like anyway, I thought I’d open up my calendar and offer some time, where possible, to businesses worried about/unsure quite how to best communicate with customers, potential new customers or staff.

We’ve decades of experience in the team and I’ve worked with hundreds of clients across dozens of sectors – both B2C and B2B – and if you don’t mind a video call with me in a vest I’ve been wearing for the last couple of days (I JOKE… we can keep it strictly audio), book a free appointment with me below.

It’s easy (he says) – just go through the Calendly booking system below and pick the day/time that works best for you!

If you’d like to chat but NOT over a call, or if none of these times work for you (but one of our team might be free to talk), email me or chat to me on Twitter @RichLeighPR, or the agency on Twitter @Radioactive_PR.