Radioactive Roundup in figures…and some news

If you can believe it, the Radioactive Roundup is almost seven months old!


  • Close to 750 links to the best startup news, views and tips…
  • Sent via WhatsApp to hundreds of startup founders, entrepreneurs, and investors…
  • Who clicked nearly 15,000 times!

You’ve clearly got your favourite topics too – with funding and staying motivated key areas of interest for the Roundup community. As part of the light-hearted ‘And finally’ we’ve featured

  • More than 60 animal stories
  • Dozens of drunken mistakes
  • 16 kids do the funniest things and…
  • One rap by Dame Judi Dench!

We’ve profiled 20 businesses as part of our Startup of the Week feature, recommended our favourite books, podcasts and blogs, and received countless messages, warming the cockles of our (typically) cold hearts.

So now, we’ve reached that inevitable period of self-reflection and hit upon an important realisation – that as much as we love pulling together the Roundup from our favourite business and startup sites (Business Insider, Real Business,, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Tech Crunch, Wired to name but a few) – it’s a big commitment for us to continue producing a daily Roundup *sad face*

So, just like local print news, we’ve made the decision to go weekly!

Every Friday, we’ll bring you the top news of the week, an inspiring startup story, and a cracking ‘And finally’ in a bumper 10 link edition.

If you’re already signed up, you don’t need to do a thing. If you, or someone you know would like to join the Radioactive Roundup family simply follow these steps –

Step 1: Add +44 (0)7950976160 to your phone book under Radioactive PR

Step 2: WhatsApp us with the word ‘JOIN’ to us and wait for…

Step 3: …your welcome message!

Congratulations – you’re done! Now relax and wait for awesome content from the world of business, startups and PR to come to you once a week.

Welcome to Radioactive Roundup 2.0 – we’re thrilled to have you with us.

Disclaimer: This is actually very important – we will never send your number ANYWHERE, and nor will other people signed up to Radioactive Roundup see your phone number (as we’ll be using a broadcast list, and not standard groups)