So, you’ve seen our advan driving around London?

Category: Agency News

By: Rich Leigh

Blog contents:

  1. The Route
  2. The Van
  4. Email us
  5. Images

Are you here because you’ve seen a pretty sweet-as advertising van driving around London promoting us today?

Well, HI!

Yes, it does look a bit like a horse that died. Thanks to my girlfriend Vic, I can see little else

1. The Route

Here’s the rough loop we designed for the advan to go, on the basis of… well, not a lot really.

King’s Cross? Commuters might need PR, eh?

Old Street? Sure, SILICON ROUNDABOUT, MOFOS, let’s party like it’s 2010, when Milo was normal (ish) and Paul Carr was a media darling.

South of the river? Don’t mind if we do.

Somerset House, nice, nice, nice, Blackfriars – let’s city it up.

SOHO BOUND (avoiding the icky bits).

A little westerly wiggle, and right back up past King’s Cross.

2. On which – here’s the van in all its glory!

We’re pretty good at PR. We can get coverage, build and protect brand reputations, get links and stunt it up with the best of them.

Since 2014, before the world went weird.

3. Send us a photo or a video of the advan to win an incredible…


If you share a photo or a video of the van with us on our social media channels, you get ONE WHOLE BRITISH POUND off of your first month’s PR spend with us.

We know, we know. We must be ker-azy to be giving such an incredible prize away.

Tweet us @HeyRadioactive. Tag us in a post or story on Instagram @HeyRadioactive.

4. Email us

You need or want PR. You might or might not be able to get a whole pound off your first month’s PR fee.

Email us

5. The slides…

We should probably say ‘probably’. No coverage is guaranteed and all. But that’s less fun.

And in any case, if you come to us and we can’t, it’ll be because it’s not the right media for you, or your business isn’t quite ready yet. We’ve been doing this for ages and got one or two pieces of coverage for clients in our time, we’ll be honest with you.