Lockdown’s impact on how and where brands are spending on marketing

Category: PR Insights

By: Rich Leigh

We’ve been running a survey asking in-house marketers how the UK’s two lockdowns have impacted their marketing budgets.

We’ve asked if budgets have increased, reduced or stayed the same, and asked in what areas they are spending most and least, alongside other quick questions. It’s making for genuinely interesting reading already, with responses from brands and organisations of all sizes – and we’re hoping to have all answers in by the end of this week.

If you work in-house and have 2 minutes to respond to the survey, it’d be hugely appreciated. And there’s a £100 prize draw for a site of your choice for your trouble (hopefully a nice little pre-Christmas bonus or present for somebody!). Here’s the survey link: https://forms.gle/QLfkSW3rSxN36omKA

If you are simply interested in the results – perhaps you’re an agency owner too, and it’d be quite useful to know where to focus your energy, (ORRR you’re just after a nosey) – add your email address below and we’ll share the anonymised report with you once all has wrapped up.

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