PR agency insight: what is the right way to do PR for startups?

We know that most startup businesses owners will at some point think about how PR can help to support their business to grow, and ask questions about the right way to do it.  

Public relations support, as part of a wider marketing strategy, can be a great way to grow a business for a number of reasons. And a PR agency will help you to do that.

The right way to do PR for a startup depends entirely on what type of business it is and what you are looking to achieve (your objectives). Our experience has shown that PR can help companies to grow in the following ways:

  • Builds awareness: PR activity will drive awareness by ensuring your business or brand is featured in the right places – including relevent media (online, print or broadcast), speaker opportunities and influencer engagement – to reach your audience
PR agency
Hiring a PR agency can help a startup business to grow.
  • Supports brand positioning and reputation: PR should ensure delivery of appropriate communications from your company and make sure the right messaging and channels are used to accomplish this. Done the right way, this will support your brand positioning. In the same vein, PR can help how your audience sees your business and you can improve a brand’s reputation by good use of strategic communications


  • If it’s an online startup business (which 99% are) PR can boost your website’s SEO and drive traffic. Both creative and digital PR campaigns can be used to increase traffic to your website and boost your SEO by ensuring that high-ranking websites (e.g. national news outlets) link to your site. This is a must-have in any online business communications strategy and is a particular specialism of ours. To learn more about the benefit of digital PR, check out our blog


  • Generate leads: leads can be anything from customer sales, newsletter sign-ups, event registrations – essentially a lead is a stakeholder with an interest in what you are selling or communicating. Any startup business will need to generate leads in order to grow and survive


  • Create visibility among investors: the majority of startup businesses will be interested in generating investment to facilitate growth. By building brand awareness via the right channels to reach your audience, as well as using PR to positively enhance the positioning and reputation, a startup can make the most of any opportunity to be visible among potential investors


  • Help employment: to scale (and even run) a successful business, you need to have the pick of the best talent. The best businesses have the best people running and working within them. Positive PR around your company will make sure it is visible among people that might want to work there. Not only that, what you communicate through public relations will give people a sense of what your business is about, meaning that people suited to the workplace culture that your business has engineered will come forward

As an agency that has worked with many startups, if you think our services could help you, please do drop us a line.