Putting what I’ve learnt during my Masters into PR experience practise!

Category: PR Insights

By: Rich Leigh

By Sophie Price

Whilst studying my Masters in PR & Comms I decided I needed to actually work in a PR agency to gain some experience, as learning about it and actually executing what I’ve learnt are two completely different things!

Coming into my first day of the two week-long experience at Radioactive PR was slightly daunting at first, but also exciting. I remember being asked what I wanted to learn specifically out of the two weeks, my response? EVERYTHING.

One of the main things I really wanted to get practice in was writing and the first task I was given was to write a 2,000 word feature for a clients. This stumped me at first, but after being assured it was a draft, and given some support, I learnt that once you get into the flow of writing, it becomes really enjoyable! Once you’ve written one, the rest become fairly easy once you know what you’re talking about – research is key! I’ve also learnt how important it is to build a rapport with your clients and just how vital communication is.

I’ve been able to write several features, press releases, and blog posts. I definitely underestimated myself and my ability to write, and although my writing isn’t perfect, my confidence has grown massively in the small amount of time I’ve been here. I’ve also had the chance to collate some creative for social media which is something I’ve wanted to do properly for a while.

There is also the fact that most of us, for one reason or another, have an overarching fear of using the phone, but I actually found it really fun! Pitching your story to a journalist is scary the first time, but once you get used to and you start getting positive responses, it becomes far easier to believe in yourself.

I wasn’t sure how much work I would be given to do, or if I would be mainly shadowing for the two weeks but I can confirm at Radioactive PR they stick you in the deep end, which is exactly what you need in order to learn. I haven’t felt like I’ve been on work experience, I’ve felt like I’m part of the team. Everyone has been so helpful and provided me with tonnes of feedback, so I know exactly what I need to work on for the future.