Do start-ups need PR?

At Radioactive PR, we have loads of experience of working with start-ups and entrepreneurs. If you’re a start-up founder, or are a marketing decision maker for one, then you might be wondering if you need to hire a PR agency to help grow the business.

Here is a list of ways that a PR agency (like us) can support your start-up business.

  • Boost awareness around your business/brand. If there’s something interesting to say about your company (and we’re sure you think so if you’re considering PR) we will help you to home in on what stories will appeal to media and your target audience. Otherwise we can come up with some campaign/story ideas. Building brand awareness will help support your company growth as it will get you and your message out there in front of the right people.


  • Improve visibility among potential future investors. As a start-up it’s likely you are seeking (or have recently received) investment. Often part of our remit when working with start-ups is to work on securing coverage by media that’s read by investors. If you are featured by a credible outlet in a positive way, it will demonstrate you’re already doing the ground work to raise your profile which will appeal to those who may be looking to invest (as well as letting them know you exist).
PR agency
A start-up business can use the support of a PR agency to help it grow!


  • Enhance your website’s SEO through tactical PR campaigns. For many of our campaigns we focus on the ‘outcomes’ when measuring our results. This means we will aim for a broad spread of links from high-ranking websites (e.g. a national news outlet) to a client’s site or an increase in traffic to a client’s site. These ‘outcomes’ will boost your site’s SEO and therefore increase your online visibility. A start-up business will need to generate as much relevant visibility as possible if it wants to grow.


  • Help you stand out. This point is closely-related to all of the above but still valid. It’s a crowded market for start-ups across all sectors and a PR agency will help you to refine your aims, your message and point of difference (plus the plan to communicate that) to give you a competitive edge. For your business to grow, you need to cut through the noise to ensure you are reaching your customer base, and a PR agency will help you to do that!


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If you’re a start-up business and think that a PR agency will help you to grow your business, please get in touch!