What EXACTLY does appearing on Dragons’ Den do for your brand?

Category: PR Insights

By: Rich Leigh

Dragons’ Den returned to our screens last week (Thursday 4th Jan 2024).

We’ve done the PR for a number of brands that have won investment on the show – including moneysaving brand Pouch, and men’s grooming brand Mo Bros.

It helped that each of those brands came to us BEFORE their episodes aired – and we worked with each for a long time, with their turns on the show a small part of our bigger PR work and results for them.

Well – if you’re wondering what kind of a brand bump being on the flagship BBC business show can give you, we can give you some inside knowledge you won’t find anywhere else!


For Pouch, we actually live-streamed their Google Analytics WHILE they were live on TV – in a PR first!

Pouch had their pick of all 5 investors – only the third time in 14 years that had happened. Less than 2 years later, the business had been sold.

Here’s a quick word from co-founder and lovely former client Jonny Plein about his experience:

This case study – ‘What kind of business bump does 15 minutes on Dragons’ Den give you?’ goes through the numbers in detail, but here are some key figures:

  • At one point, there were 33,000 people on their site!
  • Downloads: In the days since Dragons’ Den, Pouch’s extension was downloaded almost 50,000 times
  • Email subscribers: More than 100,000 people added themselves to the Pouch email database
  • Revenue: In the days after, Pouch experienced a 20x increase in daily average revenues
  • Total traffic: In total, the appearance on the show brought in more than 500,000 unique visitors, with lots of traffic coming direct and a good number coming through PR coverage we’ve previously got for Pouch

Start watching this video from 22 minutes to see exactly what happens to site traffic when your brand appears on Dragons’ Den!

Mo Bros

We did a similar thing for male grooming brand Mo Bros.

In this case study, looking actually at the success of our weird and wonderful Beard Stroking creative PR campaign for Mo Bros – we also mention key figures from their investment-winning turn on the show.

At one point, 7,500 people were on their site, watching as Mo Bros secured the largest investment of the series.

As highlighted in this first person blog from the founders about their experience, offers were accepted from Tej Lalvani and Peter Jones – the Dragons’ first time working together, and the two Dragons the Mo Bros wanted. Each Dragon received a 10% share for £150k investment, totalling a life-changing £300k investment.

Here’s a live video showing the impact on site traffic!

Bonus Dragons’ Den podcast content – a conversation with Reggae Reggae Sauce’s Levi Roots

As a related aside, I (Rich Leigh, agency founder – HI!) also host a podcast talking to incredible, successful people.

The podcast is called The Starting Line Podcast – series 2 is coming soon, with actor Brian Cox as my first guest!

As it happens, my first guest in series one is arguably the best known and most successful of all of the people to appear on Dragons’ Den, one Mr Levi Roots – and, of course, we discussed his time on the show, as well as many, many other stories about his life.

Here’s the trailer for that episode below – listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to your podcasts by clicking this link. It’s a fascinating inside look at the show and how it changed his life.