Behind the takeover – launching Conor McGregor’s Forged Irish Stout in the UK

Last Thursday, we played our part in helping UFC double-champ Conor McGregor and his Forged Irish Stout brand take over Waterloo.

(Skip to the bottom of this to see how Forged party, celebrating a distribution deal with LCW, and the first time it was on draught in the UK, at Jack’s Bar, Waterloo).

Before we get to that, having been chosen as the UK PR agency for Forged back in April, alongside the brilliant Feilim Mac An Iomaire’s Splanc PR in Ireland, it’s been a whirlwind of a few months launching the brand in the UK.

We first handled the media buzz around this surprise visit to Wrexham AFC:

We have since worked to get scores of pieces of coverage for the brand – 100+ media mentions of Forged at last count. Here’s a lovely one from Joe around the launch in Asda:

From building press and influencer pack lists to working with relevant influencers to hit our target audience (yes, Big John is a) Big and b) a legend):

To organising out-of-home advertising, including billboards, digital ad vans, bus stop ads, and projections in major landmarks all around the UK, celebrating Forged’s exclusive launch in Asda superstores around the country:

This launch has taken a truly cross-channel comms approach – obviously not harmed by having one of the world’s most famous men at the centre of it all, sharing with his tens of millions of followers!

Forged is one of those special clients – above all, they realise that it’s about building the brand, it’s about staying true to the audience and it’s about having fun.

Which brings us onto Thursday 28th September – a truly special day, marking a distribution partnership with LCW, the UK’s largest independent drinks wholesaler, which means Forged in bars, pubs, clubs and events all across the country.

It also marked the first time Forged has been on draught, in Irish pubs Jack’s Bar, The Ring and Mc & Sons, in Waterloo.

Here’s how that night went (brilliant video courtesy of Jess Fitzpatrick, Latoya Lovell and team):

All in all… I’m very proud of the whole Radioactive PR team.

More than just media relations. More than just digital PR. More than just stunts.

I’m honoured to be working with the incredible team being created by Forged (and in particular CMO Doug Leddin), and can’t wait to see what comes next.

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