Digital PR: Annual Instagram Rich List Campaign Delivers a Wealth of Coverage For Hopper HQ

We’ve scored year after year – for the last 7, since 2016! – with our industry-inspiring Instagram Rich List campaign.

Our client Hopper HQ is the world’s leading Instagram and social media scheduling tool, enabling thousands of brands, agencies and individuals across the world to better manage their social media presence.

Over the years of working with them to deliver the Instagram Rich List, this report has emerged as a staple indicator of the highest earners on the social media platform.

Hopper’s Annual Rich List 

We have had the pleasure of working with the team at Hopper HQ since 2016, partnering every year to curate and launch its Instagram Rich List. Over the past seven years, we have secured over a thousand pieces of coverage, making the annual Rich List a global marker of online influence that journalists look forward to receiving in their inboxes each year. 

The 2023 Instagram Rich List 

Our Brief: 

Our mission from Hopper HQ was, as ever, to score a ton of media love from big-name outlets, keeping the Rich List on journalists’ radars as an annual report. However, this year was just a bit different.

This year was the first year that Hopper HQ also released a YouTube Shorts Rich List, detailing how much stars on the platform earn.

Like in previous years of this campaign, we crafted the main press release, unveiling the top ten individuals on the rich list. Drawing from our past experiences, we customised releases to cater to distinct audience segments based on the list’s outcomes. This year, we introduced a rich list showcasing the top ten sportspeople with the most earnings on Instagram.

Here’s what we achieved:

The 2023 Instagram Rich List campaign resulted in

  • 120+ pieces of coverage
  • Placements in the BBC, Reuters, Esquire, and other heavy hitters, in the UK and around the world
  • An average DA of 67 across all coverage
  • More traffic to Hopper than any other year since starting the rich list!
  • For the first time, stars on the list speaking publicly about their inclusion

The Bottom Line

The Instagram Rich List journey with Hopper HQ shows what a killer campaign can do, and we’ve inspired countless other digital PR campaigns.

With new insights, a well-crafted release, and the right connections, we’ve kept the buzz alive year after year. 

To top it all off, journalists eagerly anticipated the annual release of the Instagram Rich List, establishing it as an unmissable yearly tradition. This ongoing partnership proves PR can catapult brands, engage audiences, and create unforgettable media traditions.

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