Digital PR: Dairy Dreamers campaign delivers dream results for sleep brand

The brief

Earn authoritative, high quality backlinks to Sleep Junkie’s site in global media, with a primary focus on US press, with a secondary goal of opted-in data capture for future marketing. The campaign should appeal to Sleep Junkie’s target audiences and help build its reputation as a sleep expert.

What we did 

We all know the old wives’ tale – eating cheese before bed can give you nightmares.

But just how true is it?

Working with our client, we knew we had the perfect opportunity to find out – and so the ‘Dairy Dreamers’ campaign was born!

People often think job ad style stories don’t work as well anymore, and that can be true. However, starting from a strong grain of truth, and one that captures an internet full of cheese lovers, means that this humble job ad story has massively delivered for Sleep Junkie.

The campaign is broken down into two phases – hiring and the results of the study – to ensure we earn as many links as possible from one simple creative idea.

The results (phase one)

  • 221 pieces of coverage
  • 200+ links; 36% follow links
  • Global and multilingual coverage including USA, UK, South America, India, and France
  • 25,000+ applicants for the roles with a 50% opt-in rate

Check back for the results of phase two later in the year!

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