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In digital PR-land, the simplest but on point creative idea – such as the trustworthy ‘dream job ad’ story – can work wonders for the right clients.

This is exactly what we did for, a mattress review and wellness platform, which led to 1.7m unique users, 1.9m page views and 360k+ applicants within 20 days of the campaign launching.

What we did to earn fantastic digital PR results: is a US-based mattress review and wellness platform that gives guidance on mattresses and bedding, as well as having an area on its site dedicated to sleep health. We support it with digital PR to build it links from high-ranking sites.

We always ask our clients about any interesting insights they have when it comes to their own data or research, as it can fuel ideation and help us come up with a winning story. told us it had spotted spikes in Google search queries related to daytime napping and its benefits. A further delve also found a rise in people Googling terms such as ‘is napping good for you’, ‘napping at work’ and ‘napping during the day’.

This came not long after the platform had seen an increase in traffic during the pandemic to its online resources on how to get a good night’s sleep and reduce fatigue. There’d been tons of reports that the pandemic was affecting people’s quality of sleep, with changed routines and increased stress cited as contributing factors to restless nights.

And so ‘Get Paid To Nap’ was born! Fitting nicely with’s online resources and insights, we suggested the platform could seek five professional nappers to conduct a range of sleep-based experiments. Essentially the ‘pro nappers’ would need to take naps over a 30-day period, and report on overall fatigue, memory and productivity – and get paid $1,500 each for taking part. Truly one to file under ‘dream job’ for a lot of people!

We created a press release about the unusual job openings, with a link to where people could apply for the job on’s website, alongside napping tips. Then it was a simple case of pitching the story to our media friends, which led to some ‘dreamy’ results (not sorry!).

Digital PR results (as of 26th May):


  • 736 pieces of coverage including on sites with a high Domain Authority, such as CNN (DA 96),Fox News (94) and The Sun (94).


  • 360k+ applicants for the ‘Get Paid To Nap’ jobs (and still climbing at time of writing!)
  • 1.9m page views and 1.7m unique visitors to the homepage and job application page (combined) within the first 20 days of the campaign launching
  • 526 follow links achieved from the coverage

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