Digital PR: ‘Virtual Minecraft Landscape Gardeners’ for WhatShed

We work with WhatShed, the UK’s largest independent buyers guide for garden buildings in the UK. For this client, we offer creative campaigns that earn links to its site. Our most recent story led to some brilliant digital PR results.

What we did to get brilliant digital PR results:

We support WhatShed with digital PR, to build links to its site from high-ranking news outlets.

In our ideas session for this client (we have ideas sessions for every client we support with digital PR) we wanted to come up with something a bit different and that would capture the imagination, as part of our efforts to build links.

As many of our on-site case studies demonstrate (see below), we know that campaigns with a gaming element can get tons of attention – so we thought we’d give it a go for WhatShed.

Following on from the amazing success we had for another client, where we created ‘Virtual Interior Design Consultants’ for the popular game Animal Crossing (a campaign that achieved 308 links from 171 pieces of coverage) – we thought we could recreate something similar for WhatShed.

Minecraft was the perfect fit for this campaign, players can build practically anything they want using blocks – from everyday structures to fantasy castles. Players can also create their own dream gardens.

Digital PR results - we used the game Minecraft as the main focus of our campaign
Players can create their dream gardens with blocks on Minecraft

Our idea was to get WhatShed to seek out virtual landscape gardeners to expand their gardening passions to the virtual world, and provide professional advice to players looking to improve their in-game outdoor spaces. 

Essentially virtual landscape gardeners could earn around £50 per hour by offering consultation to players wanting to improve their Minecraft gardens. On the other hand, players could pay for professional advice to spruce up their virtual green space.

As we expected, this campaign was a huge hit and delivered, ahem, shedloads of digital PR results for WhatShed. 

Our digital PR results (at the time of writing this case study):
Digital PR results - some of our coverage on CNN
CNN picked up our story



  • 78 pieces of coverage including on sites with a high Domain Authority, such as MSN (DA 95), CNN (95) and Yahoo! (94). 


  • 84 links achieved from the coverage
  • 25 pieces of coverage had a DA of 80+
  • Average DA across all coverage: 64
  • Almost 17,000 people from around the world (with the youngest applicant just age 6!) have signed up to be a ‘Virtual Minecraft Gardener’ 
  • More than 3,000 have registered their interest in this unique service.

We’re pleased to say, results are still coming in for this campaign so we’ll update this case study as we get more. We’ll also be tracking WhatShed’s site visibility and keyword rankings over the coming weeks, as anyone who works in digital marketing knows that these metrics can take a bit of time to update!

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