Digital PR: Simpsons Series Analyst for

This is one of those digital PR case studies that we dream of writing – a golden creative idea that snowballed into a global story and led to some amazing results.

I’m talking about our ‘Simpsons Series Analyst’ campaign for, which to date has earned 200+ pieces of coverage186 links (125 follow)more than 51k opt-ins, and not to mention a Tweet about our campaign from Al Jean, The Simpsons’ writer!

What we did:

We work with, an online gaming site, and it’s our remit to earn links from authoritative sites to help improve its search results’ ranking. Given the site offers games for entertainment purposes, and that the space can be notoriously difficult for PRs to secure results, we leaned heavily into creative ideas around pop culture to ensure maximum cut through in the press.

What do Donald Trump’s presidency, the horsemeat scandal, Branson in space, and most recently, the fuel shortage, have in common? They are events that each came true after once appearing as a far-fetched Simpsons’ storyline.

So how do you make a pop culture phenomenon – like the theory that The Simpsons writers can tell the future – work for a digital PR story?

Since offers games based a lot of the time on ‘odds’, we decided to help them hire someone to watch every episode of The Simpsons to make a note of standout storylines. The information collected could then be shared with’s prediction expert, who could put odds on key events coming true in the future. Essentially we’d pay someone to sit and watch 284 hours across 33 seasons of America’s favourite animated family!

The dream job as ‘Simpsons Series Analyst’ offered £5,000 for eight weeks’ of work, expenses to cover a subscription services and WiFi bill, – AND the candidate would receive a weekly box of doughnuts, a perk fit for Homer himself.

We wrote the story, the on site content for our client where we’d point the media to (in order to find out more information) and created a form for people to apply for the dream job. We then issued the story to relevant media and through carefully target pitching watched the links start to pour in!

Digital PR results



  • 51k+ global applicants for the ‘Simpsons Series Analyst’ role (86% opted-in to receive future marketing from our client)
  • 186 links (68% follow)
  • Ranked 1st for the term ‘online casino UK’ from position nine in just one day
  • Recognition from Al Jean – a writer of The Simpsons
  • One lucky ‘Simpsons Series Analyst’


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