Digital PR: ‘Unregistered Takeaways Exposed’ for Oliver’s Kitchen

Our client, Oliver’s Kitchen, is a family-run, ecommerce kitchenware store that works with us to earn high DA links.

We ran a campaign during the UK’s third lockdown and spotted data around the explosion of unregistered food sellers in the UK as a result of the pandemic. Typically selling food on social media, these sellers are unregulated and have no hygiene checks which increases the dangers of things like food poisoning and allergies.

What we did to get brilliant digital PR results:

We worked with Oliver’s Kitchen to survey people across the UK and find out their habits around buying food from unregistered food sellers – how often and how they were buying, if they were aware of the risks they were taking, and if they had experienced anything negative after buying from unregistered food businesses. With the results in, we put together simple onsite content, including data visuals, and wrote a press release to send to the media pointing back at the site. 

Results were quick to come in as the story was fully packaged and framed as a public health service announcement – highlighting a potentially dangerous food mistake people didn’t realise they were making – and included a piece in a newsletter from Food Standards Scotland.

Digital PR results:

  • 27 links from 30 pieces of coverage
  • Coverage & links from high domain Authority & reputable sites – Metro (DA93), Food Standards Scotland (DA76), and MSN (DA95).
  • Average DA: 74

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