Digital PR: Hopper HQ’s Instagram Rich List 2020

A campaign we hold close to our hearts is our annual Instagram Rich List for Hopper HQ, the Instagram planning tool. The Instagram Rich List 2020 was the fourth outing and a great example of digital PR – truly an idea that keeps giving!

Digital PR example - Radioactive PR's Instagram Rich List for Hopper HQ

Our digital PR campaign idea:

Way back in 2017, we worked with Hopper HQ to create a celebrity and influencer Instagram ‘Rich List’ using the tool’s own data. 

The list included celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Cristiano Ronaldo, with estimations of how much they charge per sponsored Instagram post. The campaign was a huge hit, achieving tons of global coverage from high ranking outlets from the get-go.

For the second Instagram Rich List in 2018, we also decided to include industry-specific stars, like athletes, fitness and lifestyle influencers too. The beauty of this is that we were able to hit other industry-specific outlets with our campaign.

Each year the Instagram Rich List has been a success and a great example of digital PR. 2020 was no exception.

Using its data, Hopper HQ created the 2020 list, as well as subsequent lists to include the stars of sport, food and so on. It was presented on a landing page on its site – the link to this page is what we encouraged people to click on to see it in full.

In 2020 and after two years in the top spot, Kylie Jenner was wrestled off Instagram’s highest earning place by Dwayne Johnson.

Our press release announced 2020’s biggest Instagram earner, and highlighted those in the top five positions, with a link to the full Rich List. 

We then issued the story far and wide to the media we knew would be interested. Each had a tailored pitch with the details that particular contacts would want to know. 

For the fourth year, and across each year, our Instagram Rich List has proved what we think in our minds to be a great example of digital PR. 

Digital PR example - the Instagram Rich List 2020

Digital PR results:


For this story, we achieved 200+ pieces of international coverage including titles such as BBC, Yahoo!, MSN, The Mirror, Fox News, Evening Standard and Metro.


Well over a quarter of pieces of coverage linked to Hopper HQ’s site.

41 pieces of coverage had a DA of 90 and above!

Average DA across all coverage was 64.


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