HR client Flamingo tickled pink with Radioactive PR’s results

We’ve been working over the last few months with Flamingo, a tool designed to make managing paid employee time off simple, all within Slack.

Over a handful of campaigns, we’ve delivered coverage (and follow links) in the UK and the US across huge dream titles for Flamingo including:

  • New York Times
  • Metro UK
  • Mail Online
  • Wall Street Journal
  • New York Post
  • Fortune
  • The Independent
  • Bloomberg
  • And more than a hundred other outlets, including some hugely relevant HR titles

How did we do it?

With every client, we ask:

What do they know that nobody else does? What data do they have access to?

What nuggets of editorial gold can we unearth, that might lead to other ideas, and beyond that, what do the media actually care about?

Employee leave might not seem especially sexy at first glance. But when we apply our decades of combined editorial and digital PR thinking to it… why can’t it be?

Sickness is always going to impact businesses in a big way. Remote work is a hot button issue.

After some data-mining and creative thinking, all with a measurement hat on, and with onsite content at the heart of each campaign, we won with two especially powerful stories:

1. Which is the ‘sickest’ day of the year for Americans?


2. With digital nomad visas rapidly being introduced worldwide, where in the world is the best place to live for remote workers looking to make the most of their earnings?


Coverage, follow links and traffic aplenty.

70+, in fact, for the Sickest Day campaign, alone.

The biggest measure of working with a client, for me, is if they’d refer you to friends and other companies. And already, our work with Flamingo has led to another client. So, that’s a huge marker of a job well done.

Why one-offs rarely work

It’s worth saying here, because it’s easy to trumpet success.

Our first story, looking at the difference between UK and US leave laws, got two follow links.

One of the stories in the quarter far outweighed the others in terms of success.

And this is why we take a longer-term approach to media relations and digital PR in particular.

A one-off can absolutely bang. Anybody that works in PR knows the feeling of that one story exploding.

But, it’s editorial – you’re not paying for links or even results here, you’re buying expertise, relationships and buying into the potential of PR as a means to achieve money-can’t-buy coverage and link results

It’s not about press releases, it’s about news stories, and giving journalists something they and their readers actually care about.

With the best of intentions, a story could fall flat on its face. Maybe something happened in that sector that journalists were busier with that day or week of sending, which can be the death of a time-sensitive story. Maybe the data just isn’t that interesting, or the angle you took with a story that shareable.

We’ve had enormous success with reports like Hopper’s annual Instagram Rich List, out of which we can pull multiple angles and news stories, but for anybody looking to PR agencies for that one-off, ‘let me just TRIAL one story’ approach, I’d say: take a broader look and really do trust in your agency.

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