Digital PR: ‘Most Unusual Interiors’ for Olivia’s

Creativity takes many forms. Sometimes, it’s a groundbreaking / breathtaking / hilarious* new idea that everyone in your industry wishes they had come up with (we’re looking at you Missing Type, anything IKEA does, and New Zealand’s latest porn awareness campaign!).

Other ideas come to you because you start to see trends in what the media is covering, or one-off organic stories around a particular topic continually doing well to the point where you think: ‘There’s definitely a link-building story in this…’

Enter one of our most recent PR for SEO stories for luxury homeware brand Olivia’s – the world’s most unusual home interiors. Simple desk research gave us a solid list of 10 homes that from the outside appeared pretty normal, but on the inside resembled a pub, the Palace of Versailles, Barbie’s Dream House and even the Star Trek Voyager.

The story had everything a busy digital journalist needs – fun, clickable lifestyle content with great visuals and a relevant link back to Olivia’s.

Link-building results

  • 100+ pieces of coverage across regional and national press
  • 100% of coverage had a follow link to Oliva’s
  • Average DA – 58

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