Newsjacking: Seizing the moment with a cheeky take on Liz Truss’s resignation

Liz Truss became the shortest-serving UK Prime Minister of all time when she announced her resignation in mid-October – the kind of seismic event that means all other stories are put on pause.

And when that happens, there’s only thing we at Radioactive are looking for – how to newsjack it for our clients. The perfect blend of topical and cheeky, a newsjacking opportunity can go far and wide, owning and disrupting the main conversation of the day.

The plan

In this instance we knew it had to be visual and we had to move fast. We got quick sign-off from one of our retained clients,, after a quick brainstorming session led us to a plan that hinged on hiring a mobile digital billboard, putting an image of the departing PM on the side and adding a slightly provocative catchline. ‘Need a place to stay tonight, Liz?’ spoke to our client’s brand perfectly while capturing the mood nicely.

We added ‘Lettuce help you get away from it all’ in a nod to the virally famous Daily Star salad – and because you just can’t beat a good (or bad) pun.

Liz Truss digital billboard

The results

Our creative stunt landed coverage from the likes of Yahoo and became a talking point on social media as the billboard toured central London.

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