Media relations & Creative/Stunt: Introducing Gravity to the world

Question: How do you handle the global launch of an exciting, first-of-its-kind technology company? In short… how do you manage the PR for the world’s real-life Iron Man!?

Answer: With thorough preparation, military precision and a PR agency team that works like a well-oiled machine!

Working on Gravity has been phenomenal, and the results so far speak for themselves – here’s a (non-exhaustive!) look at the media that’s covered it so far, through both our hard work and that of our partner agency in the US.

radioactive pr agency results

Within two weeks of launch, Gravity was featured in press all over the world generating more than 60 million video views and reaching a billion people. To date, the company has been featured in 500+ titles in over 100+ countries.

As a result of this international interest, Gravity inventor and entrepreneur Richard Browning was invited to speak and fly at TED 2017 in Vancouver just four short weeks after launch. He has since inspired audiences at international conferences, flight displays, keynote speeches and TV appearances around the world.

Other events include TEDx talks in Scotland and Singapore, The Europas, Comic-Con and Wired Live.

He’s even made friends with A-list actor Tom Cruise; now a huge fan of Gravity!

Sounds amazing! Now what?

Glad you asked! The mission to reinvent human-powered flight and create a whole new category of aviation isn’t going to stop there, though. Now the dust has settled (as much as it can with something like this!), we’re focusing on the next wave of activity and working on stories that build on the momentum of the launch success to take Gravity as a business to the next level.

The interest in Gravity was always going to be exceptional – everyone wants to see a person, dubbed by the media as the ‘real-life Iron Man’, fly on demand – but that’s where PR was needed to manage the hype and ensure the key messages of the Gravity story were front-and-centre of all coverage.

As a business, Gravity is working on Mark II of the flight suit, looking at projects to improve the uptake of STEM subjects in schools, and already taking orders from people for personalised flight suits (they’re not cheap!) – all things that will attract media attention.

We can’t wait!