Digital PR: Get paid £30 per hour to play Fortnite!

PR agency results - pay professional players to teach FortniteWe recently ran a campaign for our PR agency client Bidvine, a marketplace where its users can find local professionals to deliver services – from cooking lessons to locksmiths.

Once users have searched professionals through Bidvine to provide the service that they need, they can then hire them through the site.

As well as the press office support we offer Bidvine as its retained PR agency, we’ve developed many creative campaigns since we started working with the team in 2016, to earn it loads of coverage as well as increase traffic to its site.

The idea:

In November 2017, we were thinking about options for unusual services that people might actually pay for. As it was around the time when Call of Duty (CoD) World War 2 was released – and there was a LOT of hype around its launch – we wondered if there could possibly be a services market in people earning and paying others to play the game, creating professional CoD.

We created a page on Bidvine’s website so people could sign up as a CoD player and get paid, or so people could find gamers looking to hire out their skills. There was huge demand for this service and the story was a huge success as this PR case study shows – with well over 100 pieces of coverage and on the busiest day, a 155% increase in web traffic.

To continue the success from this campaign, we applied this same thinking to another hot, trending game – Fortnite.

PR agency results - get paid to play Fortnite campaign

We worked with Bidvine to create the opportunity for gamers to become a ‘Pro Fortnite Buddy’ to help others win as well as help improve their skills. Those eligible to be a ‘Pro Fortnight Buddy’ could expect to earn up to £30 per hour.

The job post blog on the Bidvine was created and we spread the news far and wide to media outlets.


Since the campaign launched on 8th March we’ve achieved more than 50 pieces of coverage, including The Metro UK, Lad Bible, The Hook, UNILAD, Shortlist, TIME and Forbes.

Nearly all of the outlets that covered included a follow link to Bidvine, and we’ve had an estimated 19.2m people view the story.

Several videos were made including:

UNILAD (2.9m views – watch below!)

The Hook (1.2m views)


More than 10,000 people have signed up to become a ‘Pro Fortnite Buddy’, and there have been thousands of requests for people looking for a professional Fortnight player!

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