Digital PR: Crucified rent-a-gobs vs. barely-SFW YouTube videos… THE FACTS

This squiggly line is the pre-Christmas traffic received by PR agency client (Nobilified).

PR agency results - Radioactive PR

On the left is the traffic as a result of a proactive PR story we did. This story, in fact:

PR agency results

Yes, we had Katie Hopkins crucified. Unsurprisingly – and true to expectation – THANKS KATIE – she relished in it:

You can see the bump – which brought with it sales and more than that, a raft of lovely high-DA links (granny-sucking-eggs-tip: give journalists a reason to link to your client – in this case, it was because that’s where prints could be bought).

On the right, you see another recent bump – thanks to something far, far less time-intensive that the client already had in the pipeline.

In short, it’s the result of being highlighted on this behind the scenes video (safe for work, but pretty much only just…):

PR agency results

None of the SEO value, but again, sales comparatively increased – and traffic remained elevated for much longer than the Hopkins story – not surprising given the here today, gone tomorrow nature of media coverage and audience exposure/interest.

And why am I telling you this?

I’m very aware this could come across as an arrogant ‘aren’t we awesome, LOOK’, but that’s not the intention (ahem… entirely). I thought this was, instead, an interesting case study in what you can do by working with your client to look at what works and what doesn’t, rather than throwing OTS or AVE figures at them and moving on as, let’s be honest, happens every day in agencies around the world.

As a result of talking about traffic, conversions and useful time spent, we’ve since doubled down on YouTuber efforts. That’s not to say we haven’t got a fun link-building-friendly proactive story or two coming up, but when the right ‘content creator’ (sorry) with the right audience – size and relevance considered – can produce the same result for a fraction of the invested time, it only makes sense for you, the client and the long-term prospect of working together; something we wouldn’t have known unless talking to the client about the effect of activity on metrics that matter.