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We work with, the UK’s biggest platform for people to find childcare, on a retained basis. We support it by coming up with creative ideas to help build links to its website (and of course deliver great PR results). will also inform us of any interesting user trends or changes in its own data that might make a unique story angle!  

What we did: told us that there had been a 500% increase in parents requesting babysitters to look after their children during specific times (a few hours early in the morning on particular days).

Around 1,800 parents had booked childcare through the site for these times – with requests spiking on ‘frantic Friday’ on 20th December (the most common day after work Christmas parties), the day after Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

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We thought that the most logical conclusion for this trend was that parents were booking babysitters to look after their kids while they nursed hangovers. We decided to enhance the angle of ‘hangover childcare’ further by working with the client to survey its members and find out if this is something parents are interested in.

The survey found that a third of parents admitted they “aren’t good parents” while hungover, with 85% of admitting they would look for hangover childcare. More than half agreed that they felt that someone looking after their kids would help them to recover more quickly from the night before.

We packaged all of this up into a news story and issued it to our relevant contacts – and it delivered some great PR results for us!

PR results



  • All coverage linked to’s site
  • Coverage linking from high Domain Authority sites – including MSN (95), Yahoo (94) and Daily Star (91)
  • Average DA: 90

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