Digital PR: Increasing a client’s sales by 300% with ONE story

For the price of one month’s PR agency activity with us, we achieved the following for client and established antiques website, after proposing that we look at the area of technology, and specifically the prices of rare video games and VHS tapes.

We consulted with experts in each area to look at retro technology, and they agreed that technology moves at such a rate that the standard definition of an antique as being ‘100 years or older’ cannot apply. Therefore, we dubbed any technology 25 years or older an ‘antech’, creating a new category on for the site to sell products in.

The experts helped us to put together a list of the most expensive video games (here on the Mirror, and many other outlets – here’s a Google search for it), and here is a quick collation of some of the results for our ‘most expensive VHSs’ story:

Radioactive PR - PR agency results


100+ pieces of online coverage, including the majority of target national press. Broadcast coverage on multiple national BBC radio stations and ITV News. 5k social shares, including from some of the biggest and most popular social media publishers out there, prompting conversations around the world.


  • 60+ follow links, including links from Yahoo (DA 99), (DA 95), The Independent, Newsweek, The Mirror Online twice (all DA 90), The Sun (DA 87) and many others.
  • 5,000% increase in traffic to the site (which has sustained itself at a higher base level since)
  • 300% increase in sales from the second story alone

Take a look for yourselves at some of the PR agency results (with figures attributed) here on the Coverage Book report (ranked by highest Domain Authority to lowest).


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