Digital PR and Media Relations: Amazon challenger marketplace is the Amazon challenger marketplace and we earned it some great PR results, cementing its brand positioning and key messaging, as well as earning it lots of links from high-ranking websites.

We supported with digital PR, profile building and press office support.

Profile building, digital PR and press office for is an Amazon-alternative marketplace that works with sellers to offer more than 35 million products – everything from health and beauty to toys and homewares – to customers.

We were hired as its agency to first and foremost earn it lots of links through our tactical PR, while driving home its position as a successful and growing online marketplace, which is an alternative to its ecommerce rival, Amazon.

We supported this client with digital PR as a key tactic, as we know it can be possible to earn a large quantity of quality links from high-ranking outlets this way. 

We always ask our clients about their own data, as quite often that can uncover some hidden gems that we can use for a story. We looked at’s shopping insights, which we crafted into a number of data-led creative digital PR stories, such as: The Names Most Likely to Be Shopaholics, Top 10 Most Popular Books, Regions of the UK That Spend the Most on Lego and The Kinkiest NamesPR results - in The Week

Another benefit of working with a client that has access to customers, members or a community, are the opportunities to run surveys without having to use an external research company. We did this with, and led to some further great PR stories (and some that were relevant to the pandemic) – Jaws Voted Favourite Classic Movie, Best and Worst Things About Working From Home, Three Quarters of Furloughed Employees are Worried About Redundancy and Fifth of Players Say Politics and Social Issues Make Video Games Less Enjoyable.

Alongside typical digital PR stories, we also offered other tactics that are essential for brand building and communicating key messages. PR results - ThisisMoney featured in

Building a founder’s profile is a great way to tell the story and background behind a business or brand, which is what we did for in pieces on the Daily Mail’s This is Money and Just Entrepreneurs. We also managed’s business news; one of the first stories we ran for it was about it securing £3m investment from a leading VC firm

Other business news included announcing’s new partnership with CedCommerce and how it was helping its expansion by enabling millions of retailers to join the platform, or that SimilarWeb had named one of the fastest growing companies.

PR results - featured by AngelNewsAnother key part of our activity for this client was press office support, where we were able to newsjack some of the big topics dominating the news. We worked with when the global pandemic struck and were able to offer comment around price gouging on items in short supply (such as cleaning products and hand sanitiser), as well as how coronavirus was impacting retail and’s support for small businesses.

We regularly shared interesting sales insights with the media, such as growth in sales of DIY beauty products during the pandemic featured by This is Money

But not everything was centred around the pandemic. To fit with’s brand and Amazon-alternative narrative, when Amazon announced it was slashing commission rates on its affiliate programme, responded by doubling its affiliate rates. We issued this to the media and it got picked up by the likes of PerformanceIN and tamebay

Digital PR to earn links was a key part of our work for However, the complementary profile building and press office support is essential for brand building and telling the wider story, and we delivered just that for this client.

Over nine months we achieved the following results:


  • 945 pieces of coverage including on sites with a high Domain Authority, such as CNET (DA 94), The Sun (94) and The Mirror (94)


  • 496 links achieved from the coverage
  • 259 pieces of coverage had a DA of 70+
  • Average DA across all coverage: 59

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