Digital PR: ‘Get paid to watch rugby and drink cider’ for Bath Rugby

To promote the upcoming event, The Clash, we delivered a unique campaign for our client Bath Rugby, in partnership with Thatchers Cider, to engage fans of live sport – something that achieved fantastic PR campaign results.

The idea:

We’re working with Bath Rugby to PR its event, The Clash, which combines a great game of Premiership rugby – this year will see Bath Rugby take on the Bristol Bears – with a day of family entertainment.

Taking place at Twickenham on 6th April, the showdown between the two rugby rivals will be celebrated with a West Country food festival, tipples from local brands Thatchers Cider and Bath Ales and music from the iconic band, The Wurzels.

It was agreed that we needed a way to really engage fans of live sport in a creative way – and that’s how the ‘Get paid £200 to watch rugby and drink cider’ idea was born!

PR campaign

Working in partnership with Thatchers, Bath Rugby created a job where members of the public could sign up and get paid £200 to attend The Clash as cider ‘taste officer’. The candidate will be required to ensure that the Thatchers served at the event is of top notch quality.

Bath Rugby and Thatchers promote responsible drinking, so the job specification made it clear that the ‘taste officer’ must take regular water breaks to rehydrate, eat and watch parts of the game, while on duty. He/she will not be authorised to drive after the event and of course, needs to be 18 or over.

We worked with both parties to develop the job advert and we created a news story about the unique opportunity, as we knew it would be seen as the ultimate dream job for sports fans. The news story included a link through to the job posting on The Clash’s site, for those wanting to apply.

We issued the story out wide but to our relevant media contacts – and it generated some fantastic PR campaign results!

PR campaign results:


Coverage naming Bath Rugby and Thatchers Cider in mainstream media titles, including LADBible, The Mirror, The Metro and SPORTBible.

Countless social media posts including LADBible’s Facebook (profile has 35m followers) post about the job that to date has had LOADS of engagement.


All coverage linked to the job ad page on The Clash’s microsite, including titles with a high Domain Authority (DA): The Mirror (DA 93), The Metro (DA 92), LadBible (DA 83) and SportBible (DA 73).

PR campaign

2k+ job applications to date (all of which are target audience – as they enjoy live sport – and job application form offered an optional sign-up to receive more information from Bath Rugby)!


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