Digital PR: ‘Breathalysers in Cars’ for

For, our client, we recently created the ‘Breathalyser in Cars’ story that delivered fantastic PR campaign results.

The idea:

We work with,  a leading UK online garage and car repair marketplace, handling their PR on an ongoing basis. Our retainer includes creative, digital PR campaigns to generate a good spread of links from media sites with a high Domain Authority (DA).

We wanted to create a campaign that was timely and for a good cause. Given it was the festive period, the decision was taken to put the spotlight on drink-driving. Stats from December 2017 reported that more than 5,550 drink drivers were caught by UK police in that month alone.

Given is in the motoring space and well-placed to comment on driving-related issues, we put some thought into how cars and technology could mitigate this problem. It didn’t take long to come up with the idea of: wouldn’t it be good if cars had breathalysers installed, and wouldn’t start if the driver was over the limit?

We worked with to survey 1,000 of its customers to see if they would support compulsory breathalysers fitted in cars. An overwhelming 90% replied that they would support such a move!

Using the data, we created a news story with a link to onsite content on the client’s website, where people could join the campaign against drink-driving, and share their thoughts on how to reduce drink driving. We then issued the story to our relevant contacts who would be interested in the story.

The story was a great success and achieved some fantastic PR campaign results.

PR campaign results:


125 pieces of coverage naming the client in the story including titles such as The Sun, The Scotsman and i News.


All pieces of coverage had a follow link to the onsite content on

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