Digital PR and Media Relations:’s Anti-Bullying Self-Defence Classes For Kids

Recently for our client,, we created the ‘Free Anti-Bullying Self-Defence Classes For Kids’, which delivered excellent PR campaign results…

The idea:

We work with the UK’s largest online childcare platform,, handling its PR and creative campaigns on an ongoing basis. had recently run some research to look at the opinions and concerns of parents. It revealed that 52% had said they’re worried about bullying above other concerns such as childhood obesity and internet safety.

With these insights and with Anti-Bullying Week looming, we knew that is well-placed to highlight this issue.

PR campaign results
Anti-bullying self-defence classes for kids have been popular so far!

We worked with our client to come up with a creative PR campaign that would do good and look to tackle the problem of bullying. We thought, why not partner with an organisation, such as The Jiu Jitsu Foundation (which is a national martial arts organisation) to offer children free self-defence classes?

The classes would be created to help youngsters learn how to defend themselves physically, as well as become more active, develop leadership skills and build their self-esteem. It would be available to all members, and those who weren’t, could sign up, for free to become a member.

We also included an offer – the first 500 members to register their interest would receive a free month’s worth of classes for their child.

We packaged the campaign up into a news release and issued the story far and wide before Anti-Bullying Week (12th-16th November 2018). It achieved some fantastic PR results…

PR campaign results:


100+ pieces of coverage.


Every piece of coverage had a follow link to’s website – with an average DA of 72.

To date, close to 6k parents have signed up their children for self-defence classes, meaning this has made a real impact to families’ lives.

The sign ups also meant that had a boost to its member numbers!

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