Digital PR: ‘Future Goldmine’ for

Recently for our client,, we created the ‘Future Goldmine’ story that delivered fantastic PR campaign results.

The idea:

We work with the UK’s largest online garage and car repair marketplace,, handling its PR on an ongoing basis, including PR for SEO campaigns for link-building and to generate a high spread of links from media sites with a high Domain Authority (DA).

We created a campaign that would appeal to’s target audience; people who are interested in saving money and used cars (the reasons why people use the car repair and garage comparison site in the first place).

PR campaign results
We wanted to create a story that would resonate with’s target audience – as well as drive traffic to it’s onsite content.

We also wanted the campaign to include a link to on-site content.

This is how we came up with the idea for ‘Future Goldmine’, where we would team our client with a classic car expert to come up with a list of everyday vehicles that are affordable in today’s market, and are likely to appreciate and become modern classics in years to come.

We included the top five list of the ‘Future Goldmines’, which included the Ford Focus ST170, Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo and the MGF, and worked it into a news story, with a link to the full list of 10 cars that are likely to become classics in the blog post on

We positioned the story as ‘Are you driving a future goldmine?’ and issued to our list of targeted media contacts.

The story was a huge success and achieved some fantastic PR campaign results.

PR campaign results:


143 pieces of coverage naming the client in the story including titles such as the Daily Express, iNews and The Scotsman.  


PR campaign results



Every piece of coverage had a follow link to the onsite content on

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Want to know how we could deliver great PR campaign results for your company?

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