Digital PR: ‘The Most Valuable WW1 Memorabilia’ for Love

This Sunday 11th November marks 100 years since the end of World War One. We recently worked with our online antique marketplace client,, on a WW1-related story that delivered great PR campaign results…

The idea: wanted us to come up with a creative idea to drive traffic to its site as well as be something that relates to its core business of selling antiques!

PR campaign results The Most Valuable World War One Memorabilia

Since 2018 marks 100 years since the end of the First World War, we came up with an idea that was topical and timely – we would unveil the most valuable wartime relics from that period that people could own themselves!

Working with, we sought the advice from an expert military historian to compile a list of the ten most valuable WW1 artefacts, with a set of guidelines for prospective antique collectors.

It was revealed that the Victoria Cross Medal could be worth up to £200,000 – and people might have this in their homes, perhaps passed down to them to a relative who had served their country in the war.

We worked the list into a press release, along with a link to more information about the valuable memorabilia on the website, and issued it far and wide to our contacts.

The PR campaign results speak for themselves.


PR campaign results:

Outputs:PR campaign results

143 pieces of coverage including The Express, The Scotsman, and numerous regional titles including The Yorkshire Evening Post, Hastings Observer and the Banbury Guardian.


From the coverage, we achieved 142 follow links through to’s website!

Web stats to follow…

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