Digital PR: Hopper HQ’s Instagram Rich List 2018

After a successful inaugural showing in 2017, we handled the 2nd annual ‘Instagram Rich List’ for our client, Hopper HQ, the world’s fully-automated Instagram planning and scheduling tool.

It’s fair to say that, together, we generated some impressive PR results…

The idea:

In 2017, we worked with Hopper HQ to create a celebrity and influencer ‘Instagram Rich List’.

The list included celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Cristiano Ronaldo and Selena Gomez with estimations of how much they charge per sponsored Instagram post, ranking them based on their earnings.

PR results

The story was a huge hit with hundreds of pieces of coverage and 100+ follow links. Not only that, traffic to Hopper’s website jumped massively – with 26k+ page views on the page (with the full Rich List) that the release had linked to. See our case study here.

Given the PR story was a such a success we decided to create the Instagram Rich List again for 2018!

The second annual 2018 Instagram Rich List featured the highest earning celebrities and influencers, as well as industry-specific stars, like athletes, fitness and beauty influencers and models.

Reality star and makeup mogul Kylie Jenner topped the 2018 Rich List with each post earning her $1m. This year, Kylie beat her sister Kim Kardashian and bumped Selena Gomez off the 2017 number 1 spot.

To announce this year’s list, we highlighted the top five Instagram earners to press, with a link to the blog with the full Rich List hosted on Hopper HQ’s site.

As we hoped, the 2018 Rich List story was also a huge hit and generated some great PR results.



For this story, we achieved hundreds of pieces of international coverage including titles such as Daily Mail (in five separate articles, in fact), Fast Company, BBC – making the most popular on the homepage, the Evening Standard, the Daily Record (a front page story!), The Times, CNBC and Sky News, among many others.

Global coverage spanned far and wide across countries like the UK, USA, France, Brazil, Ukraine, India, Indonesia and so on.


The majority of pieces of coverage included a link.

Based on comparisons across a 2.5 week period after issuing the Rich List, compared to the same days on the period before (23rd July – 8th August vs 2nd July – 18 July):

  • 2 days into the campaign there had been a 300% increase in site visitors
  • Overall increase of 140% of site visitors across the period
  • 86,500 page views on the Hopper HQ page with the full Rich List (a 330% increase on last year’s stats)
  • 14,000 additional homepage views compared to the earlier period
  • 88% increase in website registrations
  • 21% increase in Hopper HQ tool trials
  • Google Analytics recognises 230 countries in the world… the full Rich List hosted on the website had been visited by 199 of them. Compared to the previous period, when Hopper HQ had visitors from 133 countries
  • Majestic SEO trust rank improved by 18.7%
  • The page has had 1,197 back-links from 436 different domains to date
  • Hopper HQ received an additional 256 non-resource back-links in the period

A very happy client: what Hopper HQ thinks

PR resultsMike Bandar, Hopper HQ’s co-founder said: “The 2017 Instagram Rich List was a great idea – not only because it relates back to Hopper HQ’s core business as the world’s first Instagram scheduling and planning tool – but our own data was used to develop a story that generated amazing results for us. We had to do it again for 2018.

“It was interesting to see the changes in the 2018 list, compared with last year’s – including how much people get paid per post. The top spot earnings have almost doubled compared to 2017, for instance.

“Radioactive PR helped us to achieve some amazing PR results for this story in terms of web traffic, links and new sign-ups, not to mention the masses of media coverage around the world – including an interview on the BBC Breakfast sofa. It’s been a pleasure to work with them on this and we’ll look forward to the 2019 Rich List!”

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