Digital PR: Most creative baby names

We, and more importantly the press, LOVE a good name story. When we started working with LoveCrafts, one of the largest crafting communities in the UK, at the beginning of 2020 we knew it would have a wealth of data for us to come up with some fun stories.

In the six months we’ve worked with LoveCrafts, we’ve used PR for SEO tactics to secure hundreds of pieces of coverage with hundreds of links, and have found a winning formula when it comes to link-building for the brand.

What we did

The team waded through customer data from the last six months and was able to compile a list of names ranked by how many times each name had used LoveCrafts in 2020. To make the story more editorially interesting, we polled the LoveCrafts community – asking members about their crafting habits while in quarantine – and found what the most popular pattern downloads had been during lockdown.

Once we had all the information, it was a simple case of ‘crafting’ the release and supporting onsite content (sorry, couldn’t resist!) and sending it out to consumer and crafting press.


Link-building results

  • 100+ pieces of coverage across national and regional outlets, many with DAs 75+
  • Average DA of all coverage – 52
  • 100% of coverage had a follow link to LoveCrafts

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